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Personnel recording is a keeping set of documents which reflects all processes in the sphere of hiring, contents and dismissals of hired workers. Keeping personnel recording does not cause any difficulties if the staff of your company consists of several people and there is no change in staff.

In all other cases you will need professional help with competent keeping of personnel recording. Our experts will organize this process effectively at your company and will keep personnel recording in strict accordance with the Labour code of the Russian Federation.

Leave your request below and we will consult you for free on any questions related to keeping of personnel recording in any format convenient to you: by phone, email or visiting your office.

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What you receive if you need personnel recording from scratch:

If you have just registered your company and there is no personnel recording yet we will carry out the following works on its starting:


Development of main documents which regulate personnel activity

There are employment policies and procedures, a collective employment contract, an amendment on payment and labor protection among the documents.


Development and approval of the staff list of the company

In the list there are a number of employees, their positions, duty regulations, interrelations between departments and structural divisions, etc.


Creation of an internal document "Personnel Policy of the Organization"

It is the document which contains the basic principles of human resource management. For example, employment of people with the higher education can be a part of personnel policy of a company and it will be stated in the document among other things.


What you receive if you need keeping of already created personnel recording:

If you already have primary documents on work with the personnel we will provide you the following services in keeping the personnel recording:

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What tasks are solved by the personnel recording which we will keep for you?


It can relieve of claims from inspection bodies.

Personnel recording is compulsory for any organization which performance will be regularly checked by the staff of a labour inspection. Absence of personnel recording documentation issued properly involves fines and other negative consequences. Therefore due to competent personnel recording you will avoid claims from inspection bodies.


It can protect both employees and company management

Personnel recording regulates labor relations between management and personnel, does them transparent and clear. Your employees will have no occasions to address with complaints to violation of the labor legislation and each worker in your company will feel comfortably and surely.


It can save company funds on the maintenance of a human resources department

You will not have necessity to think of providing a human resources department with a necessary room, equipment, of providing holidays to them, etc. We work without holidays and sick-lists. Thus personnel service in our company will be much cheaper than the maintenance of a human resources department.

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How is personnel recording of your company kept?

  1. Leave your request for consultation on our site
  2. We consult you by phone and arrange a possible meeting
  3. We will enter into a contract on personnel services
  4. We assign a curator for your company who will coordinate all the services
  5. The curator distributes your requests among our experts
  6. You will get a quick help on any personnel questions

Why it is worth addressing to us for personnel recording?


Addressing to us you will work with a reliable professional company which has a huge experience of successful work throughout Russia.

We have high-quality experts with versatile experience of maintenance of activity of organizations. Personnel recording is carried out by our experts accurately, professionally and in strict accordance with the Labour code of the Russian Federation.


You save your employees private free time and also funds for the maintenance of a human resources department

You will not have the need to do personnel recording by yourself and to have regular experts. We will cope with all range of tasks of personnel recording easily and quickly. Thus our services will be much cheaper than expenses on a salary for a human resources department.


You will receive help and consultation with any arisen question

You can always be consulted for free at any stage of the process: from the start of our cooperation and during it. Our experts know the regulatory-legal base perfectly and have a big experience of work in this field so you can be sure of an efficient and faultless solution of any task.


You will get the best service quality on profitable conditions

We can find the most convenient and profitable cooperation scheme for each client. We have reasonable prices and various forms of payment. They are cash and non-cash payment to electronic money.

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