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Join SRO using an installment plan in one day

Nowadays joining an SRO is not only an obligatory procedure for doing construction business legally in Russia, but also one which is quite costly. That is why many entrepreneurs choose to finance it by installments.

If you:

…then we are ready to grant you the right to get SRO by installments or SRO on credit.

Joining SRO with our help you will get the following services for free:

  • Preparation of your company quality control system;
  • Legal entity opening;
  • Preparation of an electronic digital signature (EDS) for participation in tenders.

It is profitable and safe to work with us because:

Conditions for granting SRO permit by installments

Prices for SRO permits by installments:

SRO of builders - 250 000 for a year in equal installments. About 20 800 a month.

SRO of designers – 100 000 for a year in equal installments. About 8 300 a month.

A minimum of documents

Installment plan is only issued as an additional document in a form of payment schedule which we will do ourselves. You will need only articles of association for your company or individual entrepreneur. You can save time and money with our help. We can do everything and obtain a ready SRO permit for you.

With our help you can receive a permit tomorrow and start working the day after tomorrow.

We are not afraid of lending big sums of money for joining SRO because we know that results from joining SRO will not keep you waiting: you will have many orders and contracts soon and will quickly be able to clear your liabilities in SRO payment.

In addition to granting you the right of getting SRO permit by installments CentrConsult offers you particular services at cut rates:

Certification according to the international quality standards ISO (Отредактировать ссылку)
JSC registration (Отредактрировать ссылку)
Ready-made companies with SRO



Why join SRO?

Since 2010 joining SRO has been compulsory for building, surveying and design works. To continue to work legally a company has to join SRO and receive a permit on particular kinds of works.

An apparent advantage of joining SRO is that companies become owners of certain powers that allow them to regulate their market and not to depend on other companies from outside. And growth of company responsibility definitely leads to growth of work quality.

Besides this new form of self-organization allows companies to receive professional, legal and economic assistance.

Request a free consultation 

What procedures are there to join SRO?

Minimum efforts are required from you, namely:

вступление в сро

We will solve all the other problems helping you to join SRO:

As a resultyou will receive a certificate of a member of self-regulating organization and the certificate of SRO permit on hands without problems and as soon as possible.

Here are the documents which you can receive within five days with our help:



Why is it worth resorting according to joining SRO?


On cooperating with us you work with the reliable professional company which has issued SRO permits for more than 1000 firms throughout Russia

Our company is the experienced official representative of the biggest SRO association throughout Russia. We need juts 1 day to prepare all the document on joining SRO. As a result you receive documents at the earliest possible date: a certificate of a member of self-regulating organization and certificate of SRO permit.


You can dispose of loss of time, red tape and possible mistakes at paperwork

We will register all the necessary documents in a brief space of time. You will receive certificate of SRO permit within five days.


You can get help about choice of SRO and consultation on any arisen question

There are the biggest and most reliable SROs in all areas among our partners. Our lawyers always know all changes in the legislation so we are ready to consult you both at the choice of SRO and on any other possible questions.


You can get SRO permit urgently on beneficial terms, including BY INSTALLMENTS

The prices of our services are acceptable to any client. We have both big regional building companies and small private companies among our clients. Nevertheless, if you do now have a necessary sum of money for payment in a SRO compensation fund our company can pay for you from our current assets.


Calculate the cost of SRO permit right now.

The prices of our services are not just competitive but they are the best at the market of legal and financial services. It is easy to see by calculating the cost of SRO permit on building, design and researches.

The prices of our services are not just competitive but they are the best at the market of legal and financial services. It is easy to see by calculating the cost of joining SRO of building, design and researches.

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