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While registering JSC it is important to know many aspects associated with commercial activities, interests and goals of the founders..

Companies’ registration: JSC, CJSC, opening businesses in Russia is carried out in accordance with the Federal Law "About State Registration of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs". However the registration process may change under the influence of so frequent changes in the law in our country, many government regulations and letters of the Federal Tax Service. Legislation is very changeable in this area.

What is a duty to register a company necessary for?

During registering the company is added into the Unified State Register of Legal Entities which was founded in 2002. The register is the only source of information about the individual share of the founders of JSC or CJSC.

Civil law provides that the legal entity capacity is arisen at the time of its creation and terminated from the date of its liquidation. The fact of JSC, CJSC registration gives the company the necessary rights and obligations for any transactions, doing economic and commercial activities. Any unregistered business is illegal and punishable by law.

Procedure of legal entity registration, opening the company

  1. First you need to choose the name. Our legislation has an important point: there is no check on the uniqueness of names so we can often come across the companies with the same name.
  2. Then you should choose the founders: to decide with whom to run business and who will be the leader.
  3. It is advisable to choose the tax system before the start of registration.
  4. You need to conclude an agreement of legal entity establishment, then to sign the protocol, approve the statute, contribute fee payment and go to the tax inspection. There is a system of one-stop shop in the tax inspection.
  5. The documents are ready in seven days.

It seems to be simple but in reality it is not so because there are so many aspects which can be unknown to an ordinary person but which must be taken into consideration.

What should be done after the registration of the company?

We have been providing services in business registration for many years. We work successfully in businesses registering throughout Russia so we know all the details and features of the procedure. Our experienced experts will allow you to register JSC or CJSC professionally and as soon as possible.
Leave your request below and we will consult you for free on any questions of JSC or CJSC opening in any format convenient to you: by phone, email or visiting your office.

Leave your request for free consultation 

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Leave your request for free consultation 


You may decide to register a company by yourself. In this case it is recommended to take into account some of our tips to help you to avoid the refusal in JSC or CJSC registration:

  • Collecting documents for registration try to do it as quickly as possible because each of the many references and statements has limited duration;
  • Check the correct execution of all registration documents carefully since any error in the documents may result in denial of registration, loss of paid registration fee, paid notary services and time;
  • Make sure that the application registration form is Federal Tax Service approved;
  • Check that the statute of your JSC or CJSC satisfies existing legislation;
  • Ensure that all documents are secured properly.

And this is not a complete list of possible reasons for the refusal to register your business. That is why it is better to entrust the JSC or CJSC registration to a professional company such as CentrConsult which will make it for you quickly and flawlessly.

Leave your request for free consultation 

In addition to JSC or CJSC registration our lawyers can provide the following services:

Register your company at half price

One of the first steps after JSC or CJSC registration should be hiring an accountant for a competent and timely management of all financial statements.

We are ready to save you this necessity. If you entrusts us with a further accounting services of your company then we will register your JSC or CJSC with 50% discount.

What does JSC or CJSC registration procedure consist of?

регистрация компании, регистрация ооо

You provide us with the information needed to register JSC or CJSC. We will do the rest of the work. All you need to give us is following:

Our next steps:

  1. We will prepare the charter and the contract on founding JSC or CJSC;
  2. We draw up a statement of legal entity registration and other documents necessary for the successful and timely registration of JSC or CJSC in Perm;
  3. We draw support for companies’ registration: JSC or CJSC in the relevant authorities .

The result: without problems and delays you will get a ready certificate of legal entity state registration, a copy of the constitution and the whole set of supporting documents checked by our lawyers for compliance with existing legislation.

Leave your request for free consultation 

Here are the documents you will receive with our help:

Why should you address to us for the help of JSC or CJSC registration?


Addressing to us you will work with a reliable professional company which has been working successfully in companies’ registration throughout Russia.

Companies’ registration is one of the main directions of our activities. We have a vast experience in JSC or CJSC registration throughout Russia so we can do it professionally and as soon as possible.


You will dispose of waste of time and expenses in case of possible refusal of company’s registration

We will gather and issue all the documents as soon as possible. Our experts have extensive experience in this field which exclude errors and consequently a refusal of registration.


You will receive full legal support and consultation on any question you have

Even before the start of cooperation we will consult you for free in any format convenient to you: by phone, email or visiting your office. Our lawyers know the regulatory-legal base perfectly and have a big experience of work in this field so you can be sure of a fast company’s registration without problems.


You will get the best service quality on profitable conditions

We can find the most convenient and profitable cooperation scheme for each client. We have reasonable prices and various forms of payment. They are cash and non-cash payment to electronic money.


We guarantee 100% result of our work

We are fully responsible for the quality of our services. So in case of refusal in JSC or CJSC registration on our fault we will refund your money in full or provide the service again.


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