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CentrConsult can help designers to join SRO without excess material costs and waste of time. We can prepare all the documents to join SRO and help you to get the right to pay by installments if your building company has a difficulty in payment of a necessary sum of money in a compensation fundat once.

Joining SRO of designers and receiving SRO permits are compulsory for most companies working in designing. For joining SRO designers have to collect a particular set of documents, pay membership fee and entrance fee and pay a particular sum of money in a compensation fund.

The list of SRO works in designing:

1. Preliminaries of a Scheme of a Land Planning Organization
2. Preliminaries of Architectural Solutions
3. Preliminaries of Constructive Solutions
4. Data Preliminaries of Internal Engineering Equipment, Internal Networks of Engineering Providing and a List of Engineering Events
5. Data Preliminaries on External Networks of Engineering Providing and a List of Engineering Events
6. Preliminaries of Technological Solutions
7. Works on Development of Project Documentation Special Sections
8. Preliminaries of Building Projects, Building Demolition and Dismantle, of Maintenance and Shutting-down Term Extension
9. Event Project Preliminaries of Environmental Protection
10. Event Project Preliminaries of Ensuring Fire Safety
11. Event Project Preliminaries of Ensuring Access of Low-mobile Groups of the Population
12. Inspection Works of Building and Construction Designs
13. Preliminaries of project documentation preparation by an Invited Building Owner on the Basis of a Legal Entity Contract or an Individual Entrepreneur Contract (the General Designer)

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It is desirable and often compulsory to be a member of a self-regulating organization and to have SRO permit in designing while doing works in building and designing.In many respects a requirement of joining SRO for designers is explained by the fact that non-profit partnerships are engaged in guaranteeing of work quality connected with building.

SRO in designing is an area of self-regulation which purpose is considerably to raise level of project works by attracting to development and control of the design companies. At the same time joining SRO of designers helps builders to resolve particular legal issues and to get qualified legal support.

Each company that works in design has to receive self-regulating organization permit. Their existence allows to solve many different problems connected with building and design. Work rate increases considerably by joining SRO of designers as all principal activities are supervised constantly by professional association.

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