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Debts collection is one of the most demanded legal services. It must be carried out only by professional lawyers as independent attempts of debt restitution may lead to negative consequences.

Our lawyers provide professional assistance on debt restitution on loan agreements, unsettled contracts, receipts and many other kinds of debt. We render services on collecting debts from both individuals and legal entities.

Leave your request below and we will consult you for free on any issue of debts collection in any format convenient to you: by phone, email or visiting your office.

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Some possible consequences of a self-debt collection:

That is why it is extremely important to entrust the debts collection to experienced professionals. We offer full legal support of this process that will allow you to return the debt as quickly as possible and in full.

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The procedure of debts collection with our help?

Practice shows that 70% of debts can be returned during the negotiations. Our lawyers have extensive experience in pre-trial solution of debts collection problem. In this case the procedure is following.

Досудебное решение проблемы:

Взыскание долгов

However there may arise a situation in which pre-trial solution of the problem does not bring the desired result. In this case we can prepare a claim of debt collection.

The claim is made only in cases when all pre-trial settlement of the dispute including peace negotiations failed and the debtor is not going to return the debt. In this case lawyers are forced to resort to a judicial problem decision which is following.

Судебное решение проблемы:

The result: you will get a debts return by a court decision and also return of the money spent on the work of lawyers and representatives. In addition, we guarantee to preserve and protect your reputation during the whole process.

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Why should you address to us for the help of debts collection?


Addressing to us you will work with a reliable professional company which has a huge experience of successful debts collection from both individuals and legal entities.

First we assess the client’s situation and then recommend the most competent way out of this situation. We will find an individual approach to each debtor even to the most incorrigible defaulter. Our lawyers have an extensive experience in the field therefore we undertake even the most complex cases at any stage of the process.


You will dispose of waste of time and expenses if you instruct us and not try to return your debts by yourselves or through doubtful collection agencies.

By not addressing to professional lawyers you «play into debtor’s hands»: he gets an opportunity to take values from debt collection. So the sooner you contact us the sooner we will help you to collect debts in full, with minimal efforts, time and money spending.


You will get help and be consulted on any question

Depending on your situation we can offer you the fastest and most reliable way to collect debts. You will receive a legal opinion and recommendations of our lawyers and answers to any questions you may have on the debts collection.


You will get the best service quality on profitable conditions.

We can find the most convenient and profitable cooperation scheme for each client. We have reasonable prices and various forms of payment. They are cash and non-cash payment to electronic money.
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