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The most demanded in the market of consulting are valuation services of the following types:

We will carry out an independent objective estimate of these objects and you will receive an executed report on results of this procedure as soon as possible.

Leave your request below and we will consult you for free on any questions related to estimates in any format convenient to you: by phone, email or visiting your office.

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What do you need business valuation for?


For carrying out operations

If you plan sale or company purchase, company’s transfer to rent, merger of companies, insurance, a share issue, etc., in all these cases it is necessary to know the market cost of business.


For estimate of the current financial state of your company

The estimate of market cost will help to find out a true situation in your business and to reveal existing problems. Due to it you will be able to make right administrative decisions for "treatment" and support of your company.


For a management efficiency estimate in your company

The higher a company cost the higher estimate of its management from shareholders and creditors. Therefore, for example, if you plan to take the credit on the security of business then the market cost of your company will serve as the most important financial indicator of its stability for creditors.


For solving of legal and tax questions

The estimate of market cost of the company can be demanded including at division of property of partners and also for the purpose of the taxation or liquidation of the company by a court decision.

The estimate of business is necessary for companies of all sizes, beginners and skilled businessmen. Having estimated your business with our help you will receive information on the current situation in the company and you will also be able to glance in the future and to estimate prospects of development of your company.

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What is the procedure of an estimate of business like?

  1. LeavWe consult you by phone and arrange a possible meeting
  2. We your request for consultation on our site
  3. We study all documents connected to an object of an estimate
  4. We make full calculation of cost of your assets including property
  5. We estimate work efficiency of your organization
  6. We compare you to competitors and we define business cost


Besides for an estimate of your business our experts:

The result: due to carrying out a full range of operations according to your business you will receive a detailed report from which you learn the objective cost and profitability of your company.

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Other types of estimates which you can receive

Real estate estimate

First of all the estimate of market cost of real estate objects is necessary for the conclusion of good bargains of purchase and sale. Our experts will estimate the total market cost of the following objects:


Residential real estate

We will carry out an estimate of apartments and country houses and if necessary we will also estimate the cost of rescue and recovery operations in apartments and houses in case of the caused damage (a fire, flooding);


Commercial real estate

There are office rooms and separate buildings, scientific research institute buildings, commercial, warehouse and production and industrial places, hotels, restaurants;


Land plots

We will estimate the market cost of the built-up, vacant land plots of different function and also garden sites.

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Transport estimate

If you need an estimate of an individual transport, passenger transport, special equipment and other vehicles our experts will quickly estimate the real cost of these objects taking into account specifics of their use.


Our services will help you to receive compensation for your car quickly.

In case of damage of an individual transport (car) it is very important how fast you deliver the report on an estimate to insurance companies, courts and banks.


Besides listed, with our help you receive an estimate or revaluation of:


Why it is worth addressing to us for estimates?


Addressing to us you will work with a reliable professional company which has a huge experience of successful work throughout Russia.

Qualification and experience of our appraisers allow to realize projects on estimation of cost of various complexity. Among the projects executed by us there is an estimate of objects of military industrial complex and the military property being in federal property. If necessary, if your task is especially difficult, we will create design group of professional experts. We will carry out an estimate of market cost of your object extremely precisely and in a short time.


You will dispose of waste of time and possible problems in estimate of market cost by yourself

The assessment is a labor-intensive and laborious process demanding taking into account of a set of factors and exact calculations. We will assume all process of an assessment from collecting primary documents before justification of market cost in the ready report. The only thing that will be left for you is to receive the ready estimated decision of our experts.


You will receive help and consultation with any arisen question

You can always be consulted for free at any stage of the process: from the start of our cooperation and during it. Our experts know the regulatory-legal base perfectly and have a big experience of work in this field so you can be sure of an efficient and correct estimation.


You will get the best service quality on profitable conditions

We can find the most convenient and profitable cooperation scheme for each client. We have reasonable prices and various forms of payment. They are cash and non-cash payment to electronic money.

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