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One of the most priority directions of CentrConsult is accounting (bookkeeping) support of firms, also their full service. We offer high-quality and fast service and reasonable prices.

Bookkeeping outsourcing of organizations uses bookkeeping services in the wide range of all opportunities and our experts have a wide experience of performance of the most difficult tasks quickly, effectively and as soon as possible.

CentrConsult offers you a bookkeeping support of your company, any bookkeeping services and also tax maintenance.

Our experts offer the following services:

• any consultations on the taxation;
• creation of any registration forms;
• formation of a bookkeeping;
• maintaining and employees salary charge;
• any (including passers) audits;
• keeping books according to the income and expenses;
• 1C bookkeeping;
• keeping of proceeding/entering invoices;
• tax reports;
• preparation and development of any documentation;
• participation in tax audits;
• and many other things.

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The tax inspection has recently entered an obligatory delivery of the electronic reporting. We will provide this service free of charge to our regular clients.

Also the staff of our company will help to restore your bookkeeping in case of its making by an inexperienced hired accountant.
We provide services both in performance of a single service and your long-term cooperation with CentrConsult.
Having chosen us you can be sure and do not worry about your company’s reports any more, and also about timely and full delivery of reports in all instances, including bodies of statistics, Federal Tax Service inspection and off-budget funds.

Before the start of our cooperation our experts will analyse all necessary financial and legal indicators of your company free of charge. We will process all information on your company with full compliance to the law thus we guarantee you full confidentiality about activity of your company.
We are not just responsible for our work. We are fully responsible for it.

Having addressed to our experts and handing over us your bookkeeping you can get rid of a heap of the unnecessary nerves tied with the reporting. Bookkeeping outsourcing is one of important activities of our company. We assume all cares of your company. Bookkeeping of your company includes representation of interests of your company in full in all relevant organizations.

Staff of CentrConsult never stands still we always know all recent trends in the sphere of financial and legal services. We are interested in professional development of our experts as we are responsible for all consequences connected with adoption of these or those decisions.

If you are interested in team of experts who are ready to work for you, address to CentrConsult! You will receive qualified service at low prices. Our accountant can arrive to you and give you all necessary consultations on a place according to your desire.

Ordering our service for your company you receive the highly skilled and professional accountant who works with team of experts and will always render you any services and he will also answer all your questions accurately and laconically!

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