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8 (495) 241-28-77
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CentrConsult has been successfully working in financial and legal business maintenance at the Russian market for more than 15 years. Our general areas of work are registration and closing down businesses, legal and bookkeeping services for companies and receiving all kinds of licenses including SRO permits.

We are always ready to analyse your situation and give advice upon our services free of charge by all means convenient for you: by phone, e-mail or in your office. We never demand an upfront payment. All the payments are made upon completion of all services.

Our mission

“We want Russian business to be open for everyone and all people to know that they can always consult the experts. Our company can help clients with any issue that may arise from the very beginning of registering a new legal entity, be that a limited liability company, individual entrepreneur or closed corporation, to the sale or closing down of their businesses. We work at reasonable prices, in fixed time and without any bureaucratic delays.

CentrConsult is created to help businessmen and business owners to solve their problems and tasks in reasonable prices.”

Executive partner of CentrConsult,
Stanislav Ermilov

CentrConsult in figures:

Offices in 15 Russian cities: Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Izhevsk, Kazan, Kirov, Orenburg, Perm, Sochi, Samara, Tyumen, Ulyanovsk,Ufa,Khanty-Mansiysk,Chelyabinsk. And the number of cities is increasing with every single year!

Our representatives in more than 100 Russian cities;

More than 3500 granted licenses including SRO permits;

4500 limited liability companies, 2450 individual entrepreneurs, 150 closed corporations, 110 public limited companies are permanently served in our company.


How we work with our clients


We work fast and legally at a professional level on beneficial terms

We are the largest company with vast experience, providing a complete set of financial and legal services.

Our company officially cooperates with licensing and supervising state agencies so we can provide you with all necessary certificates, licenses and other allowing documentation without delays. We are also ready to give you clear and comprehensive consultations on any accompanying problem.


Cooperation with our clients is built on complete trust and strict confidentiality

All legal and bookkeeping problems which are solved for our clients never become a matter of publicity.

We always guarantee absolute confidentiality and privacy of your information. That is why our clients trust us entirely and give us any private information of their businesses with confidence.


Our specialists are matchless experts in their fields of knowledge.

Our professional qualified accountants and lawyers will work with you. There are no insoluble problems for them. They perfectly know normative legal documents and are always well informed about the latest changes in the legislation.

We can always give you free advice and answers to all questions which you would like to be answered. Besides, our sociable employees are friendly to every client and are always ready to help.


We focus on our client's needs and requirements

There are big regional companies and small private companies and individual entrepreneurs among our clients.

We have no "priority" clients as every client is important for us. Whatever service you are interested in we will study your situation and consult you for free.


We save your money

We can offer reasonable prices, discounts and even services by installments. It means that if necessary, we can pay a part of the fee required from you from our current assets.


You can work with us being in any place on the globe

We accept both cash and non-cash payment. We also accept payment by electronic payment systems "Yandex. Money" and "WebMoney".

We work only by the contract which is signed taking into account all provided services. And taking into account a specific character of our work all of our services can be provided remotely worldwide.


100% guarantee of success

We are entirely responsible for the services we provide. Therefore if it is our fault that the registration or closing down of your company have been rejected we will refund all your money or provide the service all over again.

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